Monday, December 3, 2012

Patty at the Fair (Bizarre or Festival, not sure)

My pastor's wife, her daughter, me, and some other people were at this festival selling stuff or just visiting, not sure.  All of a sudden out of nowhere I spot Patty walking up to us.  The whole church swarms over to her, I begin weeping, and I stand back with Bobby as we wait for people to get out of the way so we can have our turn.

Adrian kept hanging onto Patty, which is what she used to do when she was alive, and it's ok, they were friends.  She ended up at the back of the room against a wall where everyone started to leave her alone.  Then Bobby and I walked up, Patty started chatting about the age we are living in saying things like "Such a time as this."  Then she handed Bobby this key card (much like you would use to open a room at a hotel), I saw the words written on it, "Prophetic Immersion."  I think she intended to give it to me, but Bobby wanted to see it as well, she nodded and then handed me the card.   The card had this symbol on it, which looked a lot like a flame of fire.  

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