Monday, December 5, 2011

Seeing the heavens...

Was in a classroom, doing math equations and an art project.  It was as if I was in the sixth grade, the teacher did look like the one I had when I was in elementary school.

Except we were doing Algebra, and that is an 8/9th grade level math.  Anyways, when I did the equations, I got them right, and the answer was a plot on a piece of graph paper.  When I flled that out, it was different colored dots.  Some were black, gold, red, blue.

When I was halfway through my worksheet of math problems, I picked it up to see the most beautiful mosaic of different textured mediums.

It was a picture of the heavens!  Except, there was this giant gold whirlwind like thing swirling through the middle of the picture, but it went off into the portion that wasn't finished.  The gold in it was actually shining and gorgeous!  The kind you wouldn't use on an elementry school project.  When I moved the piece of paper around, it sparkled.

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