Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jumping in an ocean that turned into a river...

I went to the beach, the sand was very clean and pretty, but the edge of the beach was not normal.  It was made of steps leading down into the water, which looked more like an ocean.  The water was this beautiful aqua blue and you could see through it.  I saw other children and people swimming, so I jumped in and began swimming around.   Then I went West, (looking out over the water would have been North to me) and it turned into a river.  I didn't know the territory and there were other people there with me, but I decided I should take it cautiously and hold onto something.  So I thought I spotted a walrus, which just turned out to be a log floating in the water.  I grabbed onto it, because as much as I tried to swim, the current was much to power and would send me the direction it wanted me to go.  

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